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Unleash your creativity.

Stretch. Move. Sing. Imagine. Feel the music.
See things in a new light. Express yourself.

w88优德’s Creative 艺术 programs will inspire you, spark your curiosity, and help you develop the critical creative thinking skills that you’ll be called upon to use throughout your time at w88优德 and beyond. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the art forms that interest you as you enhance your ability to articulate ideas, problem solve, and think creatively. 


Meet our Upper School Creative 艺术 faculty.


In our Middle School Creative 艺术 program, students learn the fundamentals of a variety of
art forms while enhancing their ability to articulate ideas, problem solve, and think creatively.
From drama and music to studio art, dance, and photography, all Middle School students take
Creative 艺术 courses and have the opportunity to enjoy the creative process and shine as artists.

6th Grade
All 6th grade students take one quarter of each of the following art classes:

  • Visual Art
  • Chorus
  • Dance
  • Drama

7th and 8th Grade
学生们 take two semesters of creative arts, choosing from semester-long electives:

  • Music: Mixed Chorus, Percussion
  • Visual Art: 2d Drawing, Sculpture, Photography
  • Drama: Scenes, Improv
  • Dance: Choreography, Style and Performance, Dance for Athletes
  • Other Art Electives: Boys’ Chorus (Boys’ Noise), Yearbook, and Yoga

Additional Opportunities

  • Drama - presents two plays and a musical each year
  • Chamber Ensemble meets once per week
  • Dance performing groups - IgKnight (6th grade) and Knight Lights (7th/8th grade)
  • Club offerings include girls’ chorus (girls’ glee) and other music and visual art opportunities

Meet our Middle School Creative 艺术 faculty.

Learn more about Middle School Creative 艺术.